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Foot masks may sound new and modern to your ears but actually they have been around for quite a while now for instance in the year 1997, Japan introduced 'baby foot' into the market.

Yes! you had it right, they have been around for over two decades.They will be comfortable for you since there is no such thing as scrubbing your feet.What are they for? Of what benefit do they have when it comes to a healthy lifestyle? These are some of the questions that can really nag you when you come across them for the first time, but not to worry I have got your back.

Calla-10 Facts You Need To Know About Foot Masks

The following are some of the best facts about foot masks:

1. They have long term positive impact

Foot masks have the ability to leave a very soft and smooth sensation on your skin for many months if luck is on your side.By applying a chemical foot mask in a months time, you will be safe since it is what is mostly advised by professionals.

The long-lasting softness is good news for you since it will be accompanied by relaxation and less comfortableness.


2. You should maintain hygiene

Before putting them on, it will be a good idea if you clean your feet with water and soap because they are not for cleaning purposes.Dry your feet with a towel after you have washed, then you will be able to wear them.


3. Avoid 'picking' your feet.

I know how it feels when your feet have peeled like mad, it leaves an irritating feeling, but the truth of the matter is that you should keep your hands off your feet. Just wear your foot masks and leave your feet alone. Eventually, the dead skin will fall off by itself.


4. Strictly adhere to the instructions provided.

Don't be ignorant of any instruction given and also don't leave anything out. Be a good student on this and you will enjoy its benefits. Just put your confidence on the foot masks and they won't let you down. Leaving it halfway is not recommended so do justice to your feet, please.


5. Safeguard your floor and carpet

When wearing them it will be a good idea to put towels down on the carpet or floor, since your floor won't start peeling.You also try to put on socks to assist in the absorption but for better results of absorption you can get yourself some pair of slippers or consider putting on plastic bags.The reason of safeguarding is for infection control.


6. They should cause no harm.

If you go get yourself one, and later on discover that you are experiencing feet sores or your feet are hurting, you can stop them immediately and seek professional advice. The main job for foot masks is to relax your feet but if it does otherwise, that is, cause harm on feet, you should the product first and see your primary doctor. No harm means your feet shouldn't hurt please put this at the back of your mind.


7. Think about the realities of having them.

Will you be able to put towels all over the house? When it is time to take them off, you will be required to go to the bathroom to wash the product off. It will be better to wear them in the bathroom where you will reduce the rate of mobility around the house and you can be near a bucket while washing off the product.


8. Patience is a requirement.

You might be like many people who require instant results, but the truth is that it may take even to a weeks time for you to see its effects, so be patient.


9. Avoid moisturizing your feet

Moisturizing can bring negative outcomes when done at the same time with this treatment, your dead skin will fall off so don't bother yourself applying foot creams.

10. They are easy to use.


They are a challenge when using them, all you need to do is to follow the instructions and you are good to go.You can also use them at the comfort of watching your favorite movie.

The above facts will guide you when you are ready to buy one for yourself, think and prepare for it.You can also visit Zhongshan Kailei Personal Care Supplies Co., Ltd for quality and trusted foot masks.

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