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Our company Zongshan Kailei personal care supplies limited, is a global and well company with our stores located in Zhongshan city in China. We have professional engineers and doctor, who are highly skilled and trained to guide our customers on the best personal care products to use. We supply a variety of products but we specialize on natural beauty care products. On beauty products, we specialize in facial sheet mask and foot mask manufacturing. We sell our facial mask sheets in both retail and wholesale, but each product is sold with a minimum number of order. In short,we specialize mostly on wholesale sheet masks. We sell our products at a relatively cheap price and our customer's satisfaction is our top most priority.

Calla-The Benefits Of Using Sheet Masks


What are these facial mask sheets? These are fabric sheets made mostly with the shape of a face and are soaked in a solution rich in serum nutrition. Serum nutrition is made up of aloe vera and vitamin c components. Serum is beneficial on the skin as it protects the skin against bacteria and fungi infections. It also helps the skin glow, become firm and prevents it from drying up leaving it naturally bright.


There are several skin care products and tactics out there ,but our company chose to concentrate and specialize on facial mask sheet. This is because their effect on the skin is effective and immediate. They are far way less costly compared to facial spas, convenient and easy to use leaving your skin glowing.


For effective result, we recommend that facial mask sheet should be used regularly. One should pat the mask on the face and leave it over for better absorption of the sebum nutrients. It should be stack on the face starting from forehead, moving down slowly and softly as you line up the eyes,nose and mouth holes.



Facial mask sheet are of different types as they are made of different fabrics and materials. They include;

1. Hydro gel sheet mask.

In Zhongshan Kailei personal care supplies, we highly recommend hydro gel sheet mask. It is considered the best type of facial mask sheet because, unlike other types of facial mask sheet, they are made up of both sebum and gelatin components. These components leave the skin film,young and with a cooling effect. It is less expensive to acquire. Hydro gel facial mask sheet consist of a top and bottom part parked separately. This makes it easy and convenient to pat on the face. Its fabric allows great absorption of sebum and gelatin components into the skin.


2. Bio - cellular facial mask sheet.

Bio - cellular facial mask sheet is made up of a soft textured fabric that is moist and cool. We recommend this type of facial mask sheet to patients or customers with a dry skin. This is because it treats and fairly hydrate the dry skin.This sheet mask makes the skin film and tight allowing effective absorption of nutrients into the skin. It is strong and highly resilient hence do not tear and dry out while applying.

3. Non - woven facial mask sheet.

This facial mask sheet is also known as fiber facial mask sheet. It is made up of a coarse fabric that is more expensive as compared to other fabrics. However,its expensive cost is worth it, as it highly replenishes and moisturizes the skin.


4. Cotton facial mask sheet.

This is a facial mask sheet made up cotton fabrics. It is less expensive to acquire and easily stick on the face but has a relatively less capacity of sebum absorption into the skin.



1. It cleanses the skin.

Facial mask sheets cleanses the skin by removing excess oil, dirt and impurities that hide on the underneath top epidermis layer of the skin. Facial mask sheet is a good remedy to cleanse and remove out makeup from the skin.


2. It unblocks blocked skin pore

Facial mask sheet removes dirt and excess oil on the skin pores. It also exfoliate dead skin cell that are accumulated on the skin pores. This unblocks the skin pores allowing the skin to breath properly.


3.It leaves a glowing effect on the skin.

Facial mask sheets are made up of sebum. Sebum entails of essential components that has a glowing effect on the skin. I enhances proper circulation of blood around the skin. The process of sticking and unsticking it from the skin expands blood vessels around the skin allowing proper blood circulation. This tones the skin leaving behind a glowing effect.


4.It hydrates the skin.

Facial mask sheet moisturizes and hydrates the skin leaving a cooling effect on the skin.


5. It naturally brightens the skin.

Facial mask sheet has vitamin c and aloe vera components. This are natural bleaching agents. They lighten the dark part of the skin,restoring the normal healthy tone of the skin. For effective results, it is recommended that the application of the mask should be done at least twice a week.


6. It treats blackheads and acnes.

Blackheads and acne appear on the skin when dirt,excess sebum,bacteria and dead cells clog and block the skin pores.

Facial mask sheet detoxifies and removes harmful toxins off the skin. It also exfoliate dead cells, removing dirt, oil and accumulated bacteria on the skin surface. This clears out the clogged pored facilitating a quick treatment of both acne and blackheads.


7. It prevents the skin from aging.

Using the facial mask sheet is an effective anti - aging therapy. This is because it has aloe vera components. Aloe vera is good in soothing of the skin. It also helps to film up the skin tightening the sagging skin and relaxing up the tired part of the skin. Firming the skin restores its young youthful appearance.



Facial mask sheet are important skin care products. For effective results, make sure u apply it on on a clean face. This is to maximize the absorption of nutrients into the skin. After removing the mask, massage the face gently, massaging the face after the mask enhance easy blood flow around the skin.

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