Focus on personal care products OEM and ODM 15 Years

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We provide OEM/ODM facial mask ,foot hand mask,eye mask etc personal care products service with world class professionality and quality


OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)

What is "OEM"?

We provide the production, testing fiiling and package service for the customer’ who designates their own formular, ingredient, containers and packages.

Which are the items of OEM?

Including face mask sheet, face skin care, makeup, face cleanser, tonner, cream, essence, body skin care(Eye pad, Neck mask, Breast mask, Foot Hand mask, etc.) that with FDA, GMPC, ISO, SGS certifications.

We build GMP cleanroom class 100000 for cosmetics workshop, and are strictly in accordance with the GMPC qualitymanagement regulations of Europe and United States for product development and production.

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