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What are the solutions to skin allergies?


Recently, due to changes in climate and environment, some people are allergic to skin care products, especially some masks. Once an allergy occurs, many people, including some cosmetics industry personnel, will be confused and unable to start. In fact, allergies are drugs in the world. 

There is no way to completely solve the problem

Sensitive skin is different from skin allergies

Sensitive skin is expressed fluently in love with red, red blood is obvious, burning, early skin is thin, common in people with weak stratum corneum

For example, when using a skin care/mask, the skin will appear red and swollen. , stinging, these conditions will automatically disappear after stopping use. This is sensitive skin.

Skin allergies usually appear reddish, rash, itching, peeling, and strong tingling. These conditions may occur when exposed to allergens, such as skin allergies to dust, pollen.

If your face is really allergic, what should you do first?

First, we must find the source of the allergen objectively and accurately so as not to delay treatment. In daily skin care, the most common allergy symptoms are: feeling pain, a little redness, itching, rash or acne, the most serious is edema, peeling

1 cooling and cooling

For topical reddish skin, do not scratch it. Do not use only ointments containing hormones. Usually, use a towel to cool and cool. If you contact for a few days, you should consult a doctor.

2 go out and take protective measures

For people with skin allergies, you should try to reduce your outings during the spring. When going out, protective measures should be taken, such as wearing a mask, wearing a hat, etc., and patients with photosensitive skin diseases should wear a parasol when going out.

3 correct allergens

If you are allergic to spring every year, you can't find the cause of each allergy. You may want to check allergens and find allergies. Of course, you can avoid many skin problems.

4 no makeup

The face is red and swollen, and the hemorrhoids are red blood. It really affects the beauty. Even so, we should not cover it with makeup. It should be noted that most cosmetics usually contain heavy metals and pigments, which can irritate the skin after use. Aggravate the symptoms of skin allergies

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