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The wrong way to apply mask, may lead to skin allergies


The misunderstanding of these four masks may be the cause of your skin's sensitivity! Hold on to the mask, come and see if you are ruining your face every day!

1. must be exfoliated before making a mask

It is necessary to keep the skin clean before making a mask, but it is not necessary to exfoliate every time. Exfoliating too often can damage the stratum corneum, and sensitive skin should not be exfoliated frequently. Once the skin barrier is damaged, it is very difficult to repair.

Suggestion: You can go to a professional skin testing facility to perform skin testing, targeted skin care and exfoliation~

2. Apply mask time overrun

The time of "overspending" of the mask will cause the skin to lose water and lose nutrients, so do not extend the time of applying the mask. If you really can't bear the essence inside, it is good to use it to wipe other parts of the body.

Suggestion: After applying the mask for 10~15 minutes, you can take down your neck or arm. It is also a good choice~

3.Apply mask is too frequent

Cleansing mask, it is easy to cause sensitive skin and even redness and swelling every day. The daily use of moisturizing mask can easily lead to the growth of acne by small partners of oily skin.

However, the hydrating mask can be used every day during the dry season. Generally, there is a clear period of use on the mask. If you want to achieve the best results, you should strictly observe it.

Suggestion: You should choose the mask according to your skin type. The hydrating mask can be used more in the dry season, but not more than one tablet per day. Other nourishing and cleansing masks are available for about 2 tablets per week. Of course, different people, the skin is not the same, or it will vary from person to person~

4 .Apply a mask while taking a bath

Although it is time-saving to apply a mask while taking a bath, it depends on the mask you choose. Wet-type masks are recommended, and both tear-off and jelly masks are not recommended. Because the water vapor will cause the mask to not easily adhere to the skin or suffocate.

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