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Thailand Customer


At the end of March 2014, our company welcomed two customers from Watsons and 7-11 stores in Thailand. When collecting information about the mask processing factory online, we learned that Kailei Company contacted the customer service department through the online inquiry. . So they deliberately took a plane from Thailand to visit Zhongshan. Our company warmly received MS.Pook and took samples of fruit masks and non-woven masks to the laboratory. MS.Pook was highly evaluated after use. However, because MS.Pook is involved in the business of mask processing for the first time, it is necessary to inspect a number of mask processing enterprises. Time came to mid-June, MS.Pook specially sent people to our company to formally negotiate the business of non-woven masks, and successfully signed the order contract. During the negotiation process, the two sides of the mask bag and the design of the mask bag successfully reached a consensus. However, due to the high price requirements, our laboratory researchers have made many adjustments and patterning of the mask processing formula, and finally formulated a satisfactory formula for both parties.

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