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Shrinking pores-Personal Care


Shrinking pores is when the skin's old keratin accumulates more, it will make the skin thicker and rougher, the pores become thicker, and the skin will become dull and dry due to the inability to absorb moisture and maintenance ingredients smoothly, accelerating the stimulation of oil secretion, pores. It will become bigger again, and skin beauty experts say that many people are suffering from shrinking pores. 

face mask

In fact, the problem of how to shrink the pores is not complicated. As long as you spend a little time each day, shrinking the pores will soon be effective.

Pore formation:

Cutin: stay up late, irregular life, the seasons and the influence of male hormones, making cutin metabolism rate is not normal, thick cutin accumulated around the pores, can make pore becomes coarse, also easy to be blocked at the same time, lead to formation of blackheads, whiteheads, and gradually enlarged pores inside, this phenomenon is the most easy to appear in the forehead, nose, and on both sides of the cheek place.

Oil is secreted exuberant: sebum is secreted exuberant pore is like an active volcano, can let grease erupt at any time and place come out; Pores with less oil, like an extinct volcano, are naturally less visible. This condition is often associated with acne and pimples, and occurs on oily skin, during puberty, and in the t-zone.

Dry, lack of water: Once the keratin is saturated with water, it will swell like a sponge that sucks water. The cells around the pores are filled with water and swell, and the pores will naturally become inconspicuous; otherwise, the surface of the skin will be dehydrated. The stratum corneum will have a dry, rough appearance and the pores will become more visible. Many young people are ignoring the cost of owning young skin. They often ignore this. The skin has poor water retention. In addition to making the skin look rough and the pores are thick, it will make the skin dull.

Pore is flabby, aging, usually after more than 25 years old, will gradually appear flaccid pore is bulky, plus external environmental erosion, elastic fibers and collagen in the dermis is began to fracture, loose, lead to poor skin tension and elasticity, lose support around the pores, can appear oval pore bulky form. This condition is most likely to occur in the area of the cheeks near the tattoo.

Contractive pore:

Filling water

Shrink pore, the first step that sends skin compactly is filling water, do well protect wet the water that fill water works to be able to restore skin oil scale and skin grain, make skin more water embellish and shrink pore and send skin compactly.

Apply a cool towel to your face

When washing a face, might as well try make up water, after washing a face with make up water again the towel compress that had frozen is in the face, after the steam that waits for a face comes loose, ok, the secretion that can reduce grease so not only still can shrink pore and tighten send, pull skin!

Apply face film

Mask and don't forget, general a few days time is ok, but don't forget, make up cotton is a good choice, can choose a few contain tidbits more cosmetic cotton, then pour into with moisturizing lotion, apply on the face, and made into cotton mask can also tore into bits, convenient and easy.

Pay attention to rest diet

In addition to do some face kung fu, the usual diet and rest is also very important, remember, can not stay up late, do not eat some Fried food, want to eat more fruits and vegetables, from the inside of the solution can play a fundamental role.

Folding stage shrinkage

The pores of adolescence are large

In traditional concept, the woman that has oily skin only can face pore bulky problem. Actually, this kind of circumstance appears in adolescence mostly, because grease secretes overmuch siltation is in pore, if do not get timely clean, can stretch pore bigger and bigger. Be aimed at the pore of this kind of circumstance bulky, want to do well only deep-seated cleanness job to be able to improve current situation.

Coarse pores at puberty

Perhaps you also discovered, oneself is early past adolescence, but pore still is visible. At this point, simple cleaning can not solve the problem, but must be adjusted according to the needs of the skin care measures. For example: if the pore wall than into a wall, so the collagen composition of the pore wall is equivalent to the wall brick, as the age of skin aging, wall brick slowly atrophy loose, the wall is no longer naturally tight and firm.

How to solve pore problem

If you belong to the adolescence pore bulky gens, Calla-Personal Care Supplies suggest you do a good job cleaning will only is a part of the pore care, you also need to increase the special repair pore wall products, many of these products on the market from two aspects of inhibit oil secretion and increase the elasticity of your skin care, and mostly contains silicon, to help fill the pores, to achieve the effect of instantaneous "hidden" pore.

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