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How to clean the skin properly?


Wash a face everybody can, but the harm that wants to let skin cleanness not to increase skin again because of casual rub face, that is not simple thing. How should daily cleanness skin wash ability is good?

Wash every corner of your face

It is T word area above all, here is the place that gives oil and hides dirt most easily, wash back and forth with clear water a few times. Cheek both sides is cleaned by next upgrade, because the horny layer of the skin is composed by go up downwards, so wash facial ministry gently first with clear water, can wash the bilge of skin surface.

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Use facial cleanser

When washing with facial cleanser, the procedure is the same as when washing with water. But remember, if you have makeup, you must first remove makeup with makeup remover, then clean with facial cleanser. Facial cleanser can't clean the make-up makeup, so be sure to remember this step.Calla-How To Clean The Skin Properly-1

Wash your face and dry with a cotton pad

Many people mistakenly think that it is good to dry your face as soon as you wash your face. So what kind of dry towel and sponge to wash it is used to wipe it directly. This is not right. The soft towel has hardness. If you wipe it, the face will change. Dry; the sponge that washes the face is also exposed to the bacteria in the air, so that if you wipe your face, not only will it not be cleaned, but the bacteria will remain on the face. All are best served with a clean cotton pad, soft and clean. It also retains the comfort and moisture of the skin after washing the face.

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Warm water wash

Washing your face with warm water can prevent the skin from damaging the skin like hot water. It does not shrink the pores like cold water. When it is cleaned with facial cleanser, the dirt is absorbed into the pores and cannot be cleaned up in time. (If you want to face-lift, you can wash your face with facial cleanser and then wash it with cold water, so that even if the pores shrink, the face will be tightly tied when the face is completely cleaned.)

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The choice of facial cleanser

The facial cleanser is not as expensive as possible, and it is not as simple as possible. Instead, choose the two points that thoroughly cleanse and moisturize the skin so that after cleansing, the skin does not feel tight and the skin is dry and dehydrated.

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Don't pay too much attention to oil

Some girls who have oil on their face will pay special attention to the need to control oil and remove oil when buying facial cleanser. However, too much oil will cause dryness and peeling of the skin. Do not always use a series, and replace some functions to better protect the skin's protective layer.

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