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Custom Collagen bio cellulose sheet mask

Custom Collagen bio cellulose sheet mask

Item No
bio cellulose sheet mask
OEM Customization
Color Option
Blank bag packing
Main material
glycerin, hyaluronic acid, collagen, rose oil
moisturizing and moisturizing skin
Whole sale MOQ
Private Label
Place of Origin
China zhongshan
Shipping Method
Please place in a dry place at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, and keep it out of reach of infants and young children
3 years

Bio cellulose sheet mask

The bio-fiber mask uses a material called "bio-fiber", which is usually fermented from natural plant extracts such as coconut water and palm tree SAP. This bio-fiber material is extremely breathable and absorbent, which tightly fits the skin to provide deep nourishment and moisture. At the same time, because it is derived from natural plants, it has excellent biocompatibility and will not cause any irritation or burden to the skin


Deep nourishment: The bio-fiber mask can closely adhere to the skin, forming a thin protective film, and firmly lock the essence on the surface of the skin, providing deep nourishment and moisturizing. Long-term use will make the skin more hydrated and smooth


Fade fine lines: The essence in the bio-fiber mask is rich in nutrients, which can penetrate into the bottom of the skin and promote the production of collagen, thus fading fine lines and wrinkles, and restoring the skin to a youthful state

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Balance oil: The biological fiber mask also has the effect of balancing the secretion of oil in the skin, which can effectively improve the oil problem of oily skin, so that the skin can keep fresh and not greasy


Three-dimensional tailoring, breathable 360-degree skin fit, essence double absorption

About our product

How to use bio-fiber mask correctly

Clean the skin: Before using the bio-fiber mask, first ensure the cleanliness of the skin. Use cleansers to thoroughly cleanse your skin and lay a good foundation for subsequent facial treatments.

Apply the mask: After removing the bio-fiber mask, gently unfold and apply to the face. Make sure the mask fits tightly to the skin.

Waiting time: Depending on your skin type and needs, wait for the mask to stay on your face for a period of time. The recommended application time is 15-20 minutes.

Remove the mask: After the waiting period is over, gently remove the mask from the face. At this time, the skin will appear moist, smooth state.

Follow-up care: After using the bio-fiber mask, follow-up skin care steps can be carried out according to individual needs, such as applying serum, cream, etc.


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