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production process

1.1 The production workshop will disinfect, clean the equipment and check the operation of the equipment.

1.2 The ingredients are based on the production of single ingredients.

1.3 The production and operation workers, under the guidance of the management personnel,

sequentially put the materials into the reaction pot to prepare the products.

1.4 After preparation, cool to 70 degrees and fill directly into the packaged tray after disinfection.

1.5 Cool to 30 degrees, the semi-finished mask is completely solidified, put into the bag, and vacuum sealed.

1.6 After passing the inspection, the finished product will be sent to the outer packaging workshop for packaging.

1.7 The finished product is placed in the finished product store.


In order to meet the real demand of the market and provide the suitable products,such as facial mask sheet, foot hand mask, eye pad, neck mask, breast mask, scar removal patch and other skin care products. we offer OEM/ODM service for stable and long term business cooperation with customers,buyers and traders,our customers will earn the competitive advantages with the effective reduction and time to market.With OEM/ODM service,we can be your supplier to provide cost effective production,on time deliveries,and the best quality standard in the facial mask industry.We sincerely hope to make cooperation with you company,enterprise,traders.

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