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Bactericidal card capable of efficiently sterilizing


2020 is a year that everyone will remember. Many places have been affected by new coronary pneumonia, and every country is actively fighting the epidemic. Viruses have killed many people, and everyone is also paying more and more attention to viruses and bacterial infections.

In order to effectively prevent the invasion of new tubular viruses and escherichia coli, our company's scientific laboratory specially developed germicidal sachets, in addition to the basic effect of broad-spectrum sterilization, its stable and sustained release technology can effectively combat and inhibit bacteria and viruses for a long time, to provide long-term comprehensive protection for the wearer.

In public places such as classrooms, offices, hospitals, hotels and cars, as well as public transportation vehicles such as buses, subways and trains, people gather in confined Spaces, which is a serious environment for the spread of viruses and bacteria. Wearing the space sterilizing card can form a comprehensive protection of 360° around you, killing 1m3 of viruses, bacteria and fungi for up to 30 days, thus reducing the risk of infection anytime and anywhere.

Chlorine dioxide-safe bacteriostatic agent

Chlorine dioxide is safer, more effective and stable than sodium hypochlorite Antibacterial effect of printed germs. The low concentration of chlorine dioxide gas is continuously released into the air in the sterilization card to purify the air around the body and achieve the function of the protective layer of human body. Crowded and flu seasons are better.

In addition to powerful functions, the sterilization card is a very safe product.

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that it is not carcinogenic and teratogenic, and is an A1 fungicide.

* U.S. FDA approved for food preservation and drinking water treatment

* Chinese National Health and Family Planning Commission formulated the standard GB5749 GB2760, which can be used as drinking water disinfectant food additive

Chlorine dioxide concentration below 100ppm has no effect on humans, and all bacterial propagules and many pathogenic bacteria can be killed at 0.1ppm.(Excerpted from Baidu Encyclopedia) The 5 Dr. sterilization card can continuously release the ultra-low concentration of chlorine dioxide gas, which is the natural enemy of bacteria and viruses, and these are the sources of most diseases.

The influenza virus, E. coli, staphylococcus aureus kill rate of 99.99%, long lasting protection for 30 days 

 How to use

Step1: Install the attached lanyard on the top of the space sterilization bag and hang it on your chest. You can also use it on the classroom / desktop, or use your own clips on clothes and backpacks.

Step2: After unpacking for 30 days, you need to replace one piece.

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